Sand art

Sand art is the most compelling new art form to come around in decades. A new trend in art, sand art is a form of live sand painting which evolved from earlier sand animation films. There are only a few live sand animation artists around the world, which makes this art form so special. Cedric Cassimo’s sand art is done on a stage.

Sand scattered on a light box is formed and reformed into ever changing shapes and images that tell visually powerful stories projected live on a big screen. The moving sand creates continuously fluid and poetic figures with original storytelling.


Drawings are in perpetual transformation, which excite imagination and strong emotions. Cedric Cassimo keeps the audience spell-bound by the twists and surprises that follow every sweep of his hands. Watching sand art come to life, in real time, has an extraordinary effect on the audience uncontrollably drawn into a seemingly real world.

Live sand art is an unforgettable deeply emotional experience that touches the heart, mind and soul.